"Maka berperanglah di jalan Allah orang-orang yang menjual hidup mereka dengan akhirat.” (An-Nisa:74) “Dan persiapkanlah semampu kalian dari kekuatan ” (Al-Anfal:60) 1 Adat adat istiadat lampung pepadun adat istiadat lampung saibatin adat kebandakhan adat Lampung Ahmad Sayuti Sang Nabi Baru asal Bandung AHMADIYAH Aksara Lampung Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun Al-Wahidiyah Aliran Sesat Alran Sesat Versi MUI Alzier Amiril Cinta PKS Amiril Yusuf Andi Ahmad Andi Arief Asal Usul Suku Lampung aturan paemakaian warna kebung Badak Bagir manan Bahasa Lampung Bandar Lampung bandar lima Beautiful Beach of Cukuh Balak bebandung berbasis ICT Bobroknya panitia PNS cawa lampung cekhita lampung Cukuh Balak Cukuh Balak Beach Da'wah damar Download File Presentasi “Aliran Sesat dan Cara Menghindarinya” Gratis Download lagu download lagu lampung ekonomi lampung Elephant Etnis Lampung Gajah gunung alif Hancrnya generasi PNS Hila Hambala Huruf Lampung Ibu kota Tanggamus ICT Ikhwanul Muslimin Indonesia Naitional Park info sekitar tanggamus Islam Islam-Sejati Kabupaten Pesawarn kebandakhan lampung pesisir kebung kecamatan limau Kecurangan CPNC Menggala 2009 Kecurangan PNS 2009 kekayaan lampung kelumbayan kemuakhian Kiluan Tanggamus Kiluan-Cukuh Balak Kota Agung Kota angung Lampung Kriteria Aliran Sesat Krui Krui Lampung Barat lagu lampung lagu lampung nada 99 lampung Lampung Barat lampung fair Lampung Fair 20120 Lampung Pesisir Lampung Selatan Lampung Tengah lapah manjau LDII LDK Lembaga Dakwah Kampus Lesser Lia Eden Alias Lia Edan limau Lintas Peristiwa Liwa Lumba-lumba Manhaj Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun Marga dilampung Marga lampung memang Menembus Gelap Mengenal Lebih Jauh Ikhwanul Muslimin Mir Hossein Mousavi Misi dan Tujuan Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun Mudah2 an Jemaah Ini Berubah dan Kembali Ke Jalan Yang Benar.. Kita Doakan ya... Muslimin nama-nama marga lampung Nasib Murid ku didesa Natalan/Doa Bersama National Park ngunduh lagu lampung NII KW IX - Al Zaytun pameran lampung Pantai Cukuh Balak Pantai Kiluan paradinei Partai keadilan Sejahtera pattun/segata/adi-adi PeKaEs pekhtiwi Pekon di Liwa Pembelajaran pembelajaran berbasis ICT Pemekaran Lampung Tengah Pendidikan PENGARUH BUDAYA ISLAM TERHADAP ADAT ISTIADAT DAN TRADISI PADA MASYARAKAT LAMPUNG PESISIR DI MARGA WAY LIMA DAN CUKUH BALAK Pengumuman Peringsewu persaudaraan lampung pesisir Pesawaran pesta masyarakat lampung pesta rakyat lampung PKS PNS SILUMAN Polisi Iran Kepung Universitas Teheran Prinsip-Prinsip Al-Ikhwanul Muslimun Profil Amiril Yusuf Puting Beliung Puting beliung hantam pesawaran pwpaccur Raden intan II Rhino Sarana Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun Sastra Lampung sastra modern lampung satra lampung seandanan Sejarah Jakhma Lampung Sejarah Kota Krui Lampung Barat Sejarah Lampung sekelumbayan Sekiman selimau seni budaya Seni Budaya Lampung Sepandayan Sepandayan sepekhtiwi sepertiwi seputih Sesikun Sholat 2 Bahasa Siapakah Al-Ikhwan Al-Muslimun? Suku Lampung Syahrudin Syahrudin Gagal Mengontrol CPNSD 2009 Tanggamus Tanggamus Lampung Tapir tapis Tapis Lampung tari kreasi tari kreasi lampung 2016 Teluk kiluan Tempat Wisata Liwa Tempat Wisata provinsi Lampung Tetapi teteduhan tikhai TIMUR TENGAH tokoh masyarakat lampung Tokoh suku lampung Tokoh-tokoh suku Lampung Ujian Nasional Ulun Lampung UN Universitas Teheran Wacana Pemekaran waraha wawancan Way Kambas Way kambas National Park wewakhahan wisata lampung Wisata nan Indah Kilian Wisata pantai cukuh balak wisata tanggamus



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Enjoy The Beach 'Virgin' Cukuh Balak nan Indah


Who suspected nun in a remote southern tip of Sumatra Island is a beautiful beach there. If you want to compare, it may be equivalent to Bali Kuta beach, this one even more beautiful and natural.

Carpet kecokelatan white sand with a long roller melanadai, create click amazed every man who see them. Yes, that is the expression of the view the beautiful beach Cukuh Balak, Tanggamus.

Plus the beautiful beach scenery that is also not less eloknya the hill opposite the tower, indeed a paradise for fans ekowisata. Because, may be spelled out in the beach area is still "virgin" because not many people can touch.

On the one hand, we will be proud of the authenticity of the nature, but on the other hand prasarananya facilities and less support, so that the location of the tour sejadinya can drag this income is not even terlirik.

How does not, the location is about 100 kilometers from Bandar Lampung this should be a vehicle with four wheels in about five hours.

This is because the road that should be relatively narrow, although able to meet the two vehicles. Conditions are not good; many holes because tergerus water.

The topography is also unique split hills sometimes increased, sometimes in the valley. Not on the left side and right side of the road there is a fairly steep valley exotic but because it can see the river mengular. Truly amazing.

When we share that aim to see the sense of our brothers and sisters who are a flood in the area Pertiwi, Tanggamus, deliberately set out at 08.00 am, and we find to-helauan (the beautiful, red) and beach scenes followed after the trip about four hours more.

"Subhanallah, we travel far terbalaskan by this natural beauty that is not ever see me. After the goal we realized, we descend to the beach so, want to enjoy the water and waves deburan there," Yuli fate, one of the entourage who want to visit to Pertiwi, Tanggamus, last week.

Yuli, of Wonosobo, Tanggamus, the claim has never set foot Cukuh to Balak and the landscape was very beautiful.

Start from the White Doh until Pertiwi, paving a quiet beach is visible. Foamy white waves sweep elegant, as if to call approached.

We the seaside, on the coast and the other is seen deburan waves big enough punch large rocks along the coast.

Some islands are also visible in there so that the beach is located in the Bay Semaka is relatively safe even in the offshore ocean.

During our travel, tourists are not found along the coast make this. In fact, that on Sunday which made recreational time for many. However, some fishermen visible when entering a village in Cukuh Balak.

We also had time to meet with a fisherman who brought the form of the catch red snapper and jumbo-sized Simba with length of more than 50 cm.

According to the fishermen before, the fish that would be sold with the price for Simba Rp150 thousand and thousands of Rp75 to kakap red. "This new fish, haul and we want to be sold," he said.

Sedianya, we want to buy it, but because the box does not bring the fish and travel, niatan buy fish diurungkan. Imagine, we still cover about five hours, while there is no place especially ice, can-can of drunken passengers.

Done with bersilaturahmi citizens Pertiwi and Cukuh Balak, we go home and do not forget to stop by to enjoy the beach sand and waves deburan.

Vehicle entrance to our garden with coconut rerumputan green seem terawat, and stopped about a dozen meters from the beach lips. It would not step forward kecokelatan white sand that is spread. And so the vehicle stopped, the capital without a camera and footwear, we immediately berlarian enjoy the sand that is not too subtle, but is comfortable in the foot.

Praise be Khaliq always the beauty of our terucap spontaneous action and portrait photographs in progress. Wah, who do not want to perpetuate the natural beauty of this is still virgin?

Accident not far from where we have to stop this small island that stick to the sea. If water, as if lost in a small island, but when the road to subside (coral, red) to the island.

At first we want to cross over, but as the water began to install and not much time, we can only see from afar. A certain time we will return with more supplies respresentatif. "Asyiknya that while camping here it is," celetuk Ira, one of the group of us who confess to the coast is amazed.

"This is similar to Kuta Beach in Bali yes. Well, our time on the scene earlier in the sea bottom, similar in Tanah Lot. Ternyata here rather more beautiful in Bali, unfortunately, is not managed it is," said Mother, head of our entourage.

He is still deplore the lack of facilities here. "Try, if managed well, for example, there is a kind of lodging begaya such a natural home stay, certainly a lot of foreign tourists who come here because of nature and nature is still virgin," he said.

We had berkejaran with wet foot waves and the beach with foam. Do not forget to open the provision of Bandar Lampung, namely rice plus harpoon gold fish and lalapan. Nyami ... favor of rice to sop mouth while sitting in the trunk of coconut trees and see the waves berkejaran.

... Ah, it's too short to enjoy the beautiful beaches in the area because this time is the evening and must return home. We do not know exactly what the name of this beach.



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